Katherine Jia

Katherine Jia

Research assistant

My work centres on identifying risk groups with high HIV incidence among general populations in sub-Saharan Africa, currently based on two approaches: (1) finding measurable determinants that can efficiently quantify individual risks, and (2) estimating HIV incidence from latest antenatal clinics data. Findings are expected to inform HIV prevention programmes on where and whom services should be provided for.

Building up on the interest in infectious disease modelling, I am currently pursuing a PhD in Population Health Sciences at The Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, hoping to understand infectious disease dynamics and determinants that would enable incidence forecasting.


  • HIV risk assessment and stratification
  • Model-based HIV incidence estimation and prediction
  • Transmission dynamics and determnants


  • MSc in Epidemiology, 2020

    Imperial College London

  • BS in Public Health, 2019

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong